About this website

This site was introduced on the internet in 2001. At that time websites were hand coded, using HTML and CSS. For me, that changed in 2011 when I found Concrete5 CMS. A better and easier way to create and maintain a website. 

Analogue Black & White

In 2001 I dedicated myself to artisan, analogue black & white photography, using manual cameras with fixed focus lenses. I used both medium format cameras (Mamiya 645, Kiev60) and a 35mm Voigtländer Bessa R rangefinder camera. I had a fully equiped darkroom in the house with a fine Dunco Model III 67 CVC enlarger to print my own photographs. 

Hans Hockx (1955) lives in Langbroek, a small village in the Netherlands.

And then I switched...

In 2017 I decided to go digital and bought myself an Olympus E-M-D10 Mark II camera + lenses. I also use my iPhone as a camera at times when I come acros a nice picture and don't carry the Olympus with me.

Best of both worlds...

On this website you will find a selection of analogue black & white pictures next to a growing amount of digital color photographs. There is  also a second website  with photos & stories from the family archives. 


You can contact me by email, Facebook or LinkedIn. Just click one of the icons in the footer below.