About this site

This is the 10th incarnation of my photography website. The first version of the site hit the internet in 2001. At that time it was all handcoded HTML. It stayed that way until I discovered Concrete5 CMS in 2009.

This site is the fifth one that is build on Concrete5. All previous version were 'analog black & white only' using medium format cameras (Mamiya 645, Mamiya 645E, Kiev 60 TTL) and a Voigtlaender Bessa R 35mm rangefinder camera.

That changed in 2017 because I sold the Bessa R and Mamiya 645E sets and bought a nice Olympus OM-E 10 Mark II camera. Now digital color (and monochrome) photography is shown alongside 'artisan' analog black & white photographs.

I also use my iPhone when I come across a nice picture and don't have a 'real' camera at hand. 

After all: the best camera is the one you carry with you...

Hans Hockx

Lives in the Netherlands

Year of birth: 1955

Evolution of this website

The internet is developing rapidly. The evolution of my website over the past years is a good example of these changes. Faster internet can cope with larger screen sizes,  much bigger images and more sophisticated websites.

I've kept a few screenshots of earlier versions of my photography website so I decided to make a small compilation to illustrate these changes over time. Click 'Evolution' in the menu above.